I’m Back…

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Yes gentle reader, I have finally resurrected the long dead website of your pal, your friend of friends, Me.

Why you might ask?

I don’t know. Maybe I grew tired of being constrained to 140 character rants on Twitter about the evil and vile fungus known as a banana. Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis. Maybe I like hearing myself babble. Maybe I need electro shock therapy.

I do know I’m going through a change. (yes Mr. Funny McFunnysome, that includes that not a diet diet I’m not on).My attitudes, nay, my entire belief system is undergoing a shake up not seen around these parts since that earthquake bounced me out of my office chair a few years ago. I’m embracing my creative side. I’m enjoying the beauty of life. Being rich and powerful is no longer the be all, end all, of my life’s goals. Where previously the words ‘Community Service’ and ‘Philanthropy’ were dirty words only to be tolerated if monetary gain was possible, now I see opportunity and satisfaction.

Unfortunately, with these changes I’m also becoming less of a diplomat and more of a ‘that boy ain’t right’ kind of guy. I’ve never been fond of sheeple, and now I have found that it is becoming harder and harder to see shades of grey (not the book gutter head) as my beliefs are more black and white (or green and purple if you felt that statement even contained the slightest hint of racism).

So what is this blog going to become? Hell if I know. I do know that my interests and disgusts vary widely from day to day and many of my thoughts that I wish to share are not easily niched down like they are on Fat Rob Skinny Rob, Health and Fitness Gadgets, and other silly websites I attempt to develop from time to time.

I guess this blog will be come my dreamcatcher. Home of my rants and raves, passions and peeves, and whatever else may catch my fancy from time to time.

Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!