The First Rule of Food Truck Fight Club…

So what better way to reintroduce my blog to the unsuspecting world by combining my two greatest loves. Random Food & Inane Babble.

We’ve got a really cool food truck scene blossoming here in Indy so I’ve challenged myself to try out 20 different Indianapolis food trucks in 20 days.

So the first rule of food truck fight club is that I gotta explain the rules.  This is my contest so here are my rules for the Food Truck Fight Club.


  • Each truck will be randomly selected by me according to when they are parked within walking distance of my work as published by the good folks over at Indy Food Trucks
  • Each truck will be visited during my lunch hour randomly between 11am and 1pm Monday thru Friday (no festivals or special events)
  • I will not be including Spice Box in my reviews. I consider them friends who can do no wrong and that might skew the results.
  • I will not be reviewing any food truck that uses bananas or banana by products in the preparation of dishes.
  • I will not review a food truck on a day it is parked outside City Market. (C’mon guys, that’s just wrong) I may disqualify a truck from ever being reviewed if it seems that they spend way too many of their days outside City Market.
  • I will chose foods that seem appealing to me based on my current dietary goals (I’m not on a not a diet diet remember?)
  • My max bank roll for each truck is $10 not including my daily bottle of water. The funds for this adventure are coming from my own pocket, not some large media conglomorate.
    • To that extent, I cannot be bribed by free food. You can still give me free food, but if it sucks, I will still say that it sucks.
    • I also realize that I may chose the wrong things to try. Let me know about it in the comments of that review and I might try them again.
  • Each truck will be graded on a scale of 1 – 5 stars on the following criteria
    • Sexiness (of the truck, not the food or staff)
    • Friendliness of Staff
    • Speed of Service
    • Value
    • Taste (of the food, not the staff or truck)
  • It’s my contest, so it only makes sense that my decisions are final. Unless I change my mind. But then they are final.
  • This contest is void in Nebraska, except for where it is free.  Please, no wagering.
  • The winner of this contest gets absolutely nothing but my undying love and affection (suitable for framing) which was also the title of a 1990 pop rock song by Ricky Nelson’s kids.
A reminder, I’m a professional geek with minor delusions of grandeur, not a journalist or professional food critic.  I am undertaking this project for my own amusement.

So what is your favorite food truck? Do you have an opinion on what dishes I must try? Sound off below. Don’t be shy. I don’t bite.