The Clear Winner

The first debate is over and I’ve reviewed all of the national media and my own social feeds and it is very apparent that the winner of last night’s debate was The Cocktail Party.

No doubt America’s booze industry received a welcome Wednesday night stimulus based solely on the amount of drinking games that were promoted to go along with the debate.  Thankfully I am a fully functional adult this morning as my group of friends dodged a serious bullet in our drinking game when Uncle Mitt failed to mention how America’s foreign policy would change once we all were protected at home and abroad by Mitt’s Mighty Magic Underwear.  (Our play card had that listed as a five minute keg stand chased by a Jager shotgun.)

Oh, and it’s day four of the Beards for Breast Cancer challenge.  You can still get involved by growing your own beard, donating money, or buying a t-shirt.

Republican, Democrat,or What Have You, we can all agree that this disease is a scourge that needs to be eradicated.