C. Robert Dillon

It’s Friday (and Day 12 of Beards for Breast Cancer)

Beards for Breast Cancer Day 12

Beards for Breast Cancer Day 12

This is very unusual for me.

I promise baby, it doesn’t happen very often.

No I don’t need to go see a doctor.

I’m fine, really.

Normally this never happens to me.

I’m speechless.

No, really I’m speechless.

I have nothing to say.

Nothing of interest.

No controversy.

No deep thoughts.

No anti banana rhetoric.

I just have nothing to say.

Except, it is Day 12 of the Beards for Breast Cancer awareness campaign, and of course it’s FRIDAY!


Now that the worst song every uploaded to You Tube is stuck in your head, go over to Beards for Breast Cancer

Do it now before I taunt you with more Rebecca Black.

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