My (Quasi) Triumphant Return

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Just in case you have missed the smooth and dulcet tones of my tenor (which is highly doubtful considering I haven’t been on the radio since the early 90’s or worked in a real club since the mid 00’s) the idiots over at Radio Free Indy have decided to give me a weekly live show. (Disclaimer, I’m one of those idiots)

Being a nit picky perfectionist means I, er the idiots, haven’t decided when the first show will be but if you are curious, here is the show synopsis

C. Robert Dillon is Pissed Off

As Radio Free Indy’s resident old fart and curmudgeon, C. Robert Dillon is always pissed off.

So why is the formerly happy-go-lucky media type dude always one internet comment board away from an aneurism? Wake up Skippy and look at the current environment! Politics, religion, the Oxford comma, trolls, social justice warriors, technology, tea baggers, political correctness, the left, the right, the middle, sheeple, truthers, the tinfoil mafia, bananas, and all of the other shamers, blamers, and lamers combined together with a distinct loss of our collective common sense and the rise of the ignorant masses who are seemingly opposed to just letting people live their lives; all are pushing Rob further and further off the edge of sanity and closer and closer to that big ol’ coronary.

The doctors want to put him on a strict medically induced happy but since pharmaceuticals and corporate medicine are also on the very long short list of things that piss him off, Rob has decided that the only things he needs to be happy are a bottle of booze, a pack of smokes, an 80’s playlist and his microphone.

Unfiltered, unabashed, unashamed and unencumbered by the sphincter tight grip of the FCC – Rob’s NC-17 take on current events and pop culture around our city, state, nation, and world is like nothing you have ever experienced. Join Rob for outrageous rants, profane arguments, and strong opinions sprinkled with happy juice (1 finger of booze, 2 fingers of 80’s tunes – shaken not stirred), dry humor, and guests wearing full body armor.

Can Rob ever find happiness? How many shots will it take? Whether you want to be pissed off, pissed on, entertained, or simply have a morbid curiosity if Rob will finally keel over live on the air, make sure you tune in every week at XXXXX for the weekly live show only on Radio Free Indy.