So… now I’ve got a radio show to help me vent.  Coming soon to Radio Free IndyC. Robert Dillon is Pissed.  A live weekly show on a to be announced date featuring little ol’ me and my opinions. Want to know what the show is about? The title should tell you everything you need to know but if you are really that much of a sadist, read this. Want to catchup up on what I’ve been talking about or download the files so you can listen on your Zune? Watch this space (well watch that space below).

Here is a quick look at things that I’ve been talking about

  • My (Quasi) Triumphant Return

    Just in case you have missed the smooth and dulcet tones of my tenor (which is highly doubtful considering I haven’t been on the radio since the early 90’s or worked in a real club since the mid 00’s) the idiots over at Radio Free Indy have decided to give ...

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  • Beware the Ignorati

    News came out yesterday that sales of Rolling Stone magazine doubled with their recent controversial cover featuring accused Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  These normally mundane circulation numbers masquerading as news served to provide further kindling to the debate that continues to rage concerning the appropriateness of the cover. Online comments ...

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  • Rant: What Do You Want? A Medal?

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard the big news from the sporting world, news that originated right here in Indiana. Last night Bloomington South defeated Arlington High School 107-2 in girls basketball ‘action’. Predictably for this day and age people have taken to social media to express ...

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  • The NBA is dead to me. Dead I say.

    Ok, I now officially hate the NBA. Not basketball as a game in general, and most definitely not the Pacers, but the NBA as an evil and corrupt organization. During the 2012 playoffs the NBA made us very aware of who they wanted to win this series. God forbid that ...

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