October is Beards for Breast Cancer Month!

Well here it is, October 1st 2012 and I am clean shaven for the first time since at least April.

Yes the soul patch was bid a tearful adieu last night as I prepared for two straight months of facial hair oriented charitable causes.

First on the list is Beards for Breast Cancer.

This Indianapolis organization asks everyone to grow a beard for the month of October to raise awareness for breast cancer. Donations are collected and given to deserving breast cancer research organizations.

I am going to attempt to post daily pictures of my ugly mug being overgrown with salt and pepper whiskers until Beards for Breast Cancer reaches their goal of $7500.

Guys – you can still join this worthy cause and raise awareness of this devastating disease while skipping a month of facial hair maintenance (we call this a win / win in my household) – simply be clean shaven today and then let the razor rust away for the next month.

Ladies – if you are unsure of your beard growing abilities, Beards for Breast Cancer also has t-shirts you can purchase. $3 from each sale goes to support their fundraising abilities.

You can follow Beards for Breast cancer on Facebook or Twitter and of course their home page.