Whaddya Mean it’s Day 8?

Day 8?  Can’t be Day 8.  What happened to Day 7.

Not trying to be a party pooper here but I really want my Day 7 back.

How does a day just happen and you completely forget about it?

I may not be a rocket scientist, but I know Day 7 happened in there… days just don’t disappear from the calendar.

Oh right, alcohol may have been a factor.

Anyway, it’s day 8, and welcome to day 8.  If you haven’t been following along at home it is Day 8 of the great and powerful Beards for Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

You can still jump in and grow your own beard or if you not a fan of the scratch and itchy part of growing a full and luxiourus man pelt, just go donate some funds or buy a t-shirt.  Hey, even my buddy Tracy over at Indy Style is getting in on the act.

Beards for Breast Cancer